Labiaplasty, also referred to a vaginoplasty or perineoplasty has many different surgical approaches, however be wary of so called, laser machines, these do not work and can cause severe internal scarring. Dr. Kronowitz performs vaginoplasty using various surgical techniques. These include his approach for resecting excess hanging labia minora, which is the trim technique or wedge excision technique. He also liposuctions the labia majora and surrounding perineum to slim the appearance of the external vagina.  If so desired by the patient, Dr. K can also use fat transfer to tighten your vaginal canal, restoring the days of virginity, while resulting in a more pleasurable sexual experience for you and your partner. Fat transfer, surrounding the vaginal canal may improve vaginal secretory function. Vaginal canal fat grafting requires no cutting, and is not associated poor wound healing, a common complication of hymenoplasty. Vaginoplasty cost is reasonable and, usually depends on which of the techniques you select for your vaginoplasty surgery.