Eyebrow Lift

Brow Lift

Dr. Kronowitz performs brow lift surgery using endoscopic brow lift or minimally invasive techniques. He also performs through the upper eyelid when also performing blepharoplasty - eye lift surgery. His patients are thrilled to finally get their eyebrows away from their eyes, improving vision! Dr Kronowitz realizes the importance of a brow lift, including an eyebrow lift and forehead lift as important components of brow lift surgery and facial rejuvenation. 

In men undergoing eyelid surgery, there are several options he uses to elevate the sagging eyebrows. These include fat grafting the eyebrows, which provides support and volume to sagging brows, which happens to be the most simple surgical approach. Another option is eyebrow lift, upper blepharoplasty internal brow lift, used to elevate the eyebrows through the incision used to repair upper eyelid sagging and fat removal removal. This approach is also relatively simple and requires no additional incisions. The last approach, endoscopic brow lift surgery, not only elevates the eyebrows, but also removes forehead wrinkles using forehead surgery using a forehead lift. Endoscopic brow lift uses 5 small incisions in the scalp behind the male hairline.