Eyelid Surgery

Eye Lift

Dr. Kronowitz rejuvenates the aging eyelids with an eye lid lift surgery with removal of overhanging skin and eye bag removal from the upper and lower eyelids and their accompanying bulging fat. Dr. Kronowitz expertly removes bags under eyes using cosmetic eyelid surgery. No only does he perform under eye bag surgery, but also an eye lift by removing excess skin from the upper and lower eye lids. Dr. Kronowitz's male patients are so happy after eyebag surgery and eye lift surgery, they feel like they have regained their youth! He also combines eyelid surgery with facelift surgery. Additionally, Dr. Kronowitz accentuates and lifts the eyebrow position and restores the youthful, flawless transition from the lower eyelid to the cheek with the patient option to fat transfer during the eyelid rejuvenation. 

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