Facelift and Neck Lift


Dr. Kronowitz's facelift sculpts the male face maintaining masculinity and boldness, resulting in a most natural and handsome appearance. Meticulous attention to incisions appropriate for the male hairline, along with fat injections during the facelift, create the strong brow, prominent chin, and chiseled jawline that define the masculine physique.​​​​ If you do not want a full face lift surgery, he also performs mini face lift, lower face lift, and neck lift. Dr. Kronowitz is considered an expert in plastic surgery for men.

Fat Transfer To Face


Dr. Kronowitz will perform fat transfer from the undesirable abdomen and inject the autologous fat transfer, which he filters for impurities along with stem cell transfer it contains, resulting in fat transfer to the face where you need and desire it. The facial fat not only adds volume to the upper face and around the eyes. The stem cells within the fat also aid in restoring the youthful appearance back to your skin. Fat transfer surgery is an excellent option for most men, younger and older alike!

Eyelid Surgery


Dr. Kronowitz rejuvenates the aging eyes, his eyelid surgery also referred to as blepharoplasty, remove bags under eyes and performs an eye lift, In men, his cosmetic eye surgery is both eyebag surgery and upper and lower eyelid surgery, with removal of overhanging skin from the upper and lower eyelids and their accompanying bulging fat. Given Dr. K's extensive experience at the best plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, his blepharoplasty cost is very reasonable! Dr. Kronowitz's unique use of fat transfer into the male eyebrow along with blepharoplasty creates a masculine appearance! Eyelid surgery in men is under utilized in general, Dr. K's patients are thrilled with results!

Brow Lift


In men undergoing eyelid surgery, there are several options to elevate the sagging eyebrows. A brow lift, especially eyebrow lift in men is more desirable than forehead lift. Brow lift surgery along with blepharoplasty can be ideal for most men and relatively simple surgery with quick recovery! Options for eyebrow lift include autologous fat transfer to the eyebrows, which provides support to sagging brows, which happens to be the most simple surgical approach. Another simple option, while getting upper eyelid surgery, a blepharoplasty internal brow lift, is used to elevate the eyebrows through the same upper eyelid incision used to remove upper eyelid skin and fat.  The last approach, but usually less desirable in most men is an endoscopic brow lift, which not only lifts the eyebrows, but also removes forehead wrinkles with forehead surgery.  Forehead surgery in men can raise the hairline.

Chin Implant


A prominent chin  and jawline, which can be achieved with chin augmentation is the essence of masculinity. Dr. Kronowitz, voted top plastic surgeon in Houston, achieves amazing outcomes with chin surgery using either a chin implant, fat transfer to chin, or chin filler. Dr. Kronowitz uses the most advanced anatomic chin implant or your own body fat to add projection to your chin. Dr. Kronowitz can also use facial fillers to augment your chin. In men, either technique will result in a more masculine appearance.

Neck Liposuction


Many men with a double chin need chin fat removal for fat under the chin. Neck liposuction is both double chin surgery and a neck lift for some men. Neck liposuction is also synonymous with a chin tuck. Liposuction of the neck can be a neck lift surgery for many men! In men, liposuction not only removes excess fat, but tightens hanging neck skin, while restoring a strong, sharp-angulated Jawline with a prominent masculine chin.