Dr. Kronowitz has vast experience operating on individuals from outside of the greater Houston area, including both national and international travelers. Dr. Kronowitz begins with a secure online consultation upon request from the patient. The day before a procedure, the patient will fly into Houston, either to IAH or HOU. Upon arrival, Dr. Kronowitz's staff will arrange for a car service to transport the patient from the airport to their hotel. Patient's stay at Houston's top hotel in the museum district, Hotel Zaza, at a discounted rate. All reservations are made and maintained by Dr. Kronowitz's staff. The surgery will take place at Texas Medical Center the following day. Dr. Kronowitz's staff will help arrange for a nurse following surgery, if needed. Within a few days, the patient will fly back home. Dr. Kronowitz will continue to be available via phone and online for  questions and follow-up appointments. Dr. Kronowitz's staff acts as a true concierge service, ensuring location is never a factor in a patient seeking Dr. Kronowitz's care.