Tummy Tucking

Plastic Surgery Houston

Dr. Kronowitz's tummy tucks are performed through a low-positioned, c-section-like scar with a short-incision length -- often involving no belly button scar. Dr. Kronowitz uses a special tailoring technique to minimize incision length, while maximizing skin resection. Dr. Kronowitz permanently tightens abdominal muscles together, eliminating any bulging that may have occurred over the years. Dr. Kronowitz also uses VASERLipo and power-assisted liposuction to sculpt your abdominal musculature.

Thigh Lifting

Plastic Surgery Houston

Dr. Kronowitz is one of the only doctors in cosmetic surgery to perform his cutting-edge stocking thigh lift. Dr. Kronowitz will first circumferentially release your thighs down to the knees using a specially designed instrument, then pull-up and remove all of the excess skin and fat from the entire circumference of your thighs and hips -- much like when you pull up your stockings. The stocking lift will not only reshape your legs, remove the cellulite, but also enhance and add curvature, volume, and definition to your buttock. The stocking lift leaves no visible scars and, is thus, often combined with a tummy tuck. The inner thighs or the outer thighs and buttocks can be performed separately.

Buttock Lifting


Dr. Kronowitz will first perform liposuction to sculpt the buttock and outer thighs (saddle bags). Dr. Kronowitz will then completely release your buttocks and outer thighs and lift everything up, He then, removes excess skin and fat and secures with permanent deep sutures the lifted the buttock and outer thighs. Fat transfer is not required, and the procedure is also indicated in thin women. This procedure not only enhances the buttock region but makes it more prominent and shapely.


Plastic Surgery Houston

Dr. Kronowitz sculpts the female body using the most sophisticated liposuction devices using innovative techniques that define and contour the ultimate body shape. Dr. Kronowitz is the only plastic surgeon that combines VASER Liposuction along with Power Assisted Liposuction for a previously impossible quality of results. The torso is meticulously sculpted with age-defying changes to the abdomen, buttock, and thighs. If so desired, Dr. Kronowitz can also re-inject the lipoaspirated fat into the breasts, face, or buttocks for a naturally-augmented appearance. 

Arms (Scarless Brachioplasty)


Dr. Kronowitz uses VaserLipo because it generates heat and ultrasonic energy to liquefy the fat in your arms. A similar result cannot be obtained with standard liposuction. Dr. Kronowitz's VASERLipo technique results in long-term tightening of the upper arms without scars.



Dr. Kronowitz will rejuvenate the appearance of your vagina by resecting excess hanging labial tissue and fat graft filling of your vulva and vaginal canal to tighten and restore your function and youthful appearance of your vagina. Most patients require no cutting. This procedure enhances sensation due to restored fullness in the most sensitive area's, resulting in a more pleasurable sexual experience for you and your partner.

Body Fat Transfer


Dr. Kronowitz will first perform body liposuction. Dr. Kronowitz will then filter the liposuctioned fat and inject the fat and stem cells, either in a single location or in any combination of locations, which include your breasts, face, labia, vaginal canal, or buttocks, resulting in a body fat transfer. Thereby, removing fat from your undesirable areas, like the thighs, abdomen, back, and flanks and directly transferring the fat to enhance the areas of your body you want more prominent and shapely.