Tummy Tuck - Mini Tummy Tuck


Dr. Kronowitz. an expert tummy tuck surgeon performs tummy tuck surgery using a low-abdominal, short-length incision  -- often not requiring a belly button scar  -- to limit tummy tuck scars. His tummy tuck, special tailoring-tacking technique, minimizes incision-length, while maximizing skin resection. Dr. Kronowitz also permanently tightens the abdominal muscles, eliminating any abdominal bulging from childbearing. As opposed to other houston plastic surgeons, Dr. Kronowitz also combines vaser liposuction with his tummy tuck to melt away the abdominal fat and tighten the abdominal skin that remains behind after skin resection. Essential, these combined surgical modalities for tummy tuck surgery result in gorgeous and shapely figures that continue to improve over time. Dr. Kronowitz also offers mini tummy tuck with belly button scar.

Thigh Lift


Dr. Kronowitz is one of the only houston plastic surgeons to perform thigh lift surgery for lower body lift cosmetic surgery. When he perform his pioneering stocking thigh lift, also referred to as a spiral thigh lift. Dr. Kronowitz not only performs thigh reduction using liposuction, but he will circumferentially release your thighs down to your knees using a specially designed instrument, then he pulls-up all of the released skin and resects all of the excess skin and fat from the entire circumference of your thighs, hips and buttocks -- much like when you pull up your stockings. The stocking lift does not only provide inner thigh lifts, it also reshapes your legs, releases the cellulite, and enhances curves and makes your buttock look larger, much like a bbl surgery. Often, the stocking lift is combined with a tummy tuck, which is the only visible scar. The thigh surgery can be your inner thighs only or the outer thighs and buttocks only, if you do not want the entire 360 degree leg lift surgery -- stocking lift. Dr. Kronowitz is the best at thigh plastic surgery!

BBL Surgery


Not only does Dr. Kronowitz perform the classic bbl surgery, he also offers a but lift. With the classic Brazilian butt lift, he liposuctions the fat surrounding your buttock,, then filters the fat suing a special machine, unlike many houston plastic surgeons who do not filter, instead inject all of the fluid as well as the fat. Dr. Kronowitz filters the fat because the fat transfer does not absorb away like when many other plastic surgeons who perform bbl surgery. If Instead, you prefer a but lift surgery, he will first perform liposuction to sculpt the buttock and outer thighs -- saddle bags. Dr. Kronowitz will then completely release your buttocks and outer thighs and lift, then removing excess skin and fat and secures your lifted buttocks with permanent, deep sutures, so your lifted buttocks and outer thighs will not descend over time. Fat transfer to buttocks can also be combined with the butt lift surgery. This procedure not enlarges the butt but makes it more prominent with shapely curves.



Dr. Kronowitz's liposuction, uses body sculpting to sculpt the female body using the most sophisticated liposuction devices, vaser liposuction and power liposuction, using his innovative liposuction techniques that use body contouring to create the ultimate female body shape. Dr. Kronowitz is one of the only houston plastic surgeons that combines vaser liposuction along with power liposuction for a previously unattainable results. Dr. Kronowitz -- liposuction Houston -- will meticulously sculpt your body using liposculpture with age-defying changes to your stomach, butt, thighs, hips, arms, neck, back, armpits, bra roll, or any body region you want liposuctioned. If you so desire, Dr. Kronowitz can fat transfer for fat transfer to buttocks, fat transfer breast augmentation, or fat transfer to face.

Arm Lift Surgery - Brachioplasty


Dr. Kronowitz's brachioplasty -- arm lift surgery -- treats the sagging skin on arms and loose skin on arms using vaser arm liposuction. The upper arm liposuction will also lift arm but remove the arm fat. Dr. K's arm lift uses liposuction because it generates heat and ultrasonic energy to liquefy and melt fat away in your arms and tighten the loose skin on arms. A similar brachioplasty result cannot be obtained with other types of liposuction. Dr. Kronowitz's brachioplasty technique results in long-term tightening of the upper arms without the scars of traditional brachioplasty!



Labioplasty, also referred to as vaginoplasty involves several different procedures depending on the needs and desires of the patient. Vaginoplasty can include rejuvenating the appearance of your external vagina, which includes the labia majora and surrounding perineal region, restoring a youthful appearance to your vagina. Dr. Kronowitz uses liposuction to slim and sculpt the external vagina.  Another component of vaginoplasty addresses hanging labia minora tissue -- which Dr. Kronowitz treats using the trim excision technique or the wedge excision technique. The last component of vaginoplasty is a hymenoplasty, or tightening of the vaginal opening and canal. Dr. Kronowitz strongly advises against marketed laser machines that have been shown to have the propensity to severely burn patient's, leaving internal scarring and open internal wounds that are difficult to heal.  In contrast, Dr. Kronowitz's labiaplasty uses an innovative and natural approach to tighten the vagina, regaining the feeling of virginity and a more pleasurable sexual experience for you and your partner! He uses fat transfer with fat grafting, filling the space surrounding the vaginal opening and vaginal canal to tighten and restore your function, it may even increase secretory function as well!


Fat Transfer

Dr. Kronowitz is considered a world expert at fat transfer! Whether fat transfer to face, fat transfer to buttocks, or fat transfer breast augmentation, fat grafting can remove fat from your undesirable areas, like the thighs, abdomen, back, or flanks and enhance the areas of your body you want to be more prominent with shapely-curves. Fat transfer cost is reasonable!