Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Innovated the breast lift in Houston, Texas using only a short-vertical scar, while creating a breast shape that resembles an augmented breast. If so desired, Dr. Kronowitz can also perform fat transfer - stem cell therapy - as part of your breast lift surgery. Fat transfer breast augmentation into the breast lift, not only enlarges the breast lift surgery, but also creates a more-full appearance without the need for a breast implant. The fat transfer also rejuvenates the breast skin by reducing skin laxity and improving the appearance of stretch marks. Some patients want a breast lift and breast augmentation as their plastic surgery procedure. Price $3570.*

Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants

Performs breast augmentation using the most safe and advanced shaped silicon gel breast implants or round silicon gel breast implants. Dr. Kronowitz creates the perfect breast implant pocket under the muscle, not only for breast enlargement, but to optimize breast shape and cleavage, while minimizing scarring and avoiding an unnatural extension of the implant into the armpit. When Dr. Kronowitz performs breast augmentation, it should never require a breast revision surgery! Many of his patients also have a breast lift along with breast implant augmentation. Dr. Kronowitz has reasonable prices for breast augmentation, especially given his expertise and experience within the field of breast surgery. Price $2830.*

Fat Transfer To Breast

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer to breast by liposuction of fat from undesirable, problematic areas of your body, like your abdomen, thighs, and hips, then performs fat injection into your breasts. Ideal candidates for fat transfer breast augmentation using fat grafting are patient's who want larger, natural looking breasts, but do not want breast implants. Dr. Kronowitz published the landmark paper on the safety of autologous fat transfer to the breasts. He has pioneered and revolutionized fat transfer breast augmentation. The publication can be found here. Price $2250.*

Breast Lift with Breast Implants

Breast Lift & Breast Augmentation

An expert at breast lift and breast augmentation. Whether breast lift alone or breast lift with breast implants or breast lift with fat transfer breast augmentation, Dr. K combines his minimal incision breast lift, along with insertion of breast implants under the muscle. Or, if you do not want breast implants, Dr. K can inject your own fat throughout your breast lift. Either way you choose, your lifted breasts will be larger with a more-full appearance. Price $5580.*

Breast Reduction: Liposuction Only

Breast Reduction

Will liposuction your breasts, which will not only reduce the size of your breasts, but will also tighten the breast skin. Breast reduction performed using liposuction of breasts is ideal for younger women with thick breast skin, moderate-sized breasts, and minimal breast drooping.  In some women, breast liposuction can obviate the need for breast reduction and the scars associated with breast reduction surgery. Price $3150.*

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction without the unsightly scars. Dr. Kronowitz uses a minimal scar technique on the breasts, along with liposuction of the breast to reduce the breast size. This results in gorgeous, shapely breasts, not the typical flat, boxy-shaped breasts that result from the "anchor-shaped" scar technique. Dr. Kronowitz also does not use nipple grafts, even with very large breast reductions. Dr. Kronowitz believes that nipple grafts are unnecessary in modern breast reduction surgery. Price $6560.*

*List prices excludes facility fee, anesthesia fee, breast implants, liposuction to perform fat harvest for fat transfer to breasts, and liposuction with the breast reduction surgery. Price for breast lift is not price for breast reduction surgery.