Fat Injections

Fat Transfer To Face

Fat Grafting

When performing fat transfer injections, Dr. Kronowitz restores lost facial fat from aging, while lifting the face and restoring youthful facial highlights. Fat injections are a good option for all regions of the face including, the cheeks, under the eyes, and fat transfer to lips. His patients love the results! 

Dr. Kronowitz also performs autologous fat transfer with fat injections to other regions of the body, like fat transfer breast augmentation! 

During your consultation with Dr. Kronowitz, it will be determined for which you are the best candidate for face fillers, fat transfer to face, mini face lift or facelift. Price $3,080.*

Feel good about the way you look!

*Price excludes facility fee and anesthesia fee. Liposuction is to harvest adequate fat for transfer to face and is not intended to be cosmetic liposuction to extracted region as this incurs a separate fee.