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Dr. Kronowitz is a double board certified Houston plastic surgeon. In his previous position, he was one of the fastest tenured professors at the top institution in America. As an academic, Dr. Kronowitz has published hundreds of landmark scientific papers and pioneered invaluable surgical techniques in the world of plastic surgery. He is an internationally sought after surgeon, researcher, lecturer, and teacher.

Outstanding Results


Dr. Kronowitz and his experienced staff are knowledge in the highest standards of medical enhancements and aim to exceed patient’s expectations.  Through an initial cosmetic consultation, Dr. Kronowitz, voted best plastic surgeon in Houston, will uncover which surgical interventions will best work for you as an individual. This individual treatment is a testament to personalized care -- the hallmark principle of Kronowitz Plastic Surgery. 

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Dr. Kronowitz is here to transform you into your best self through cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. Only at Kronowitz Plastic Surgery will you receive Houston plastic surgery treatment and support from a true founder and innovator in modern cosmetic surgery. Dr. Kronowitz, leading Plastic Surgery in Houston, "Houston Chronicle and New York Times" chronicles his latests innovations and thought-leading advancements in cosmetic surgery on his BLOG.

Plastic Surgery For Women

Dr. Kronowitz customizes a unique approach to each of his female patients. The procedures are particularly successful because it revolves around Dr. Kronowitz's trained-eye and instincts for beauty to completely transform your face, breasts, and body. The results of your plastic surgery are natural and age-defying, it will make you look 20 years younger!


Botulinum Toxin

Dr. Kronowitz, the best injector in Houston, face injections and lip injections utilize his knowledge as an experienced facial plastic surgeon houston as well his keen-eye for facial proportion and beauty.

Dermal Fillers

Dr. Kronowitz's artistry and experience with dermal fillers, especially face fillers, including but not limited to cheek fillers, lip fillers, and under eye filler makes him the best wrinkle filler in Houston! 


Dr. Kronowitz, performs the best facelift Houston! He is known for face lift surgery in celebrities. He also performs mini face lift, lower face lift, neck lift. Dr. Kronowitz also performs a facelift without surgery

Fat Transfer To Face

Dr. Kronowitz is the leader in the field in fat grafting and fat transfer surgery! He is well-regarded for fat transfer to face. This is Dr. Kronowitz's most popular surgery by his patients!

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery must be performed with precision and experience! Dr. Kronowitz's blepharoplasty - eye lift, not only remove bags under eyes, but is beautiful cosmetic eye surgery. His patients love the results!

Brow Lift

Dr. Kronowitz performs brow lift and forehead lift surgery using endoscopic brow lift or minimally incision techniques. He also performs eyebrow lift surgery through the upper eyelid when also performing blepharoplasty - eye lift surgery.

Breast Lift

Dr. Kronowitz is a master of the breast lift. Breast lift cost is reasonable, especially that it will make you more comfort and confident! 

Breast Implants

Dr. Kronowitz is an expert at breast augmentation with breast implants for breast enlargement. He also performs breast lift and augmentation. Breast augmentation prices and breast implant cost is reasonable given his experience!

Fat Transfer To Breast

Dr. Kronowitz published the landmark paper on the safety of fat transfer breast augmentation and is considered the world authority! 

Tummy Tuck

Dr. Kronowitz's tummy tuck surgery and mini tummy tuck, not only includes a tummy tuck with short-tummy tuck scars and quick tummy tuck recovery, but also tightens stomach muscles and melts stomach fat with Liposuction.


Dr. Kronowitz's body contouring surgery, liposuction sculpts any region of the female body using the most sophisticated liposuction device, vaser liposuction. 

Thigh Lift

Dr. Kronowitz's thigh lift will change your life! Dr. Kronowitz is one of the only plastic surgeons in Houston who performs thigh plastic surgery.

BBL Surgery

BBL surgery makes your bum lift more prominently and, look more shapely with curves.


Dr. Kronowitz's approach to brachioplasty - arm lift - does not result in an ugly long scar!


Dr. Kronowitz's vaginoplasty involves resection of hanging labia minora and liposuction of labia majora and perineum. And lastly, if desired, fat transfer to tighten the vaginal canal. 

Plastic Surgery For Men

Dr. Kronowitz performs state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery, particularly well-suited for male patients. In his male patients, Dr. Kronowitz specifically tailors his surgical approaches for masculinity, different from the techniques for beauty he utilizes in his female patients.


Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Kronowitz is considered one of the world experts in breast reconstruction and performs the most advanced breast reconstruction surgery. Prior to entering private practice, Dr. Kronowitz was the leading breast reconstructive surgeon at MD Anderson Cancer Center, the world's leading cancer center, for 15 years. 



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